The Creator

It is definitely pretty easy to tell that Bob Marley is one of the very best musicians to ever walk the earth and the thing is that when we think of someone like Bob Marley we are seriously considering the type of person who really changed the world through his music and that had a cultural impact on all of our lives even still today, but the magnitude in which he changed the world during his career was tremendous. For the most part we can talk all about how Bob Marley changed the politics and culture of countries like Jamaica where he is from and things like that but what we are doing through all of these blogs and articles is talking about the best Bob Marley songs and by talking about the best Bob Marley songs we are going to go through some of his most incredible lyrics that helped change people’s minds towards a more peaceful earth and that is exactly what he was going for through all of his music. So without any further hesitation let’s continue our conversation about the best Bob Marley songs with one of his very best and most influential songs of all time and throughout his entire career, Redemption Song.

I think that when we think of Redemption Song it is just one of those songs that we just think of a small Bob Marley and his guitar and his voice just belching out some of the most influential lyrics of all time. When we think of lyrics like Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, only but ourselves can free our minds, we are seriously talking about some deep thoughts that came from Bob Marley. That is what Redemption Song is all about and it definitely is what he was going for. Bob Marley wanted his audiences to start thinking about their lives and how they can actually redeem themselves through the lyrics of his songs, and that is just kind of how Bob Marley’s mind worked. He knew that he could put out a message in his songs and then that message would be reciprocated by the audience and then turned into reality out in the world. Through a song like Redemption Song we are definitely considering something that is really deep and just awesome in general and gets people thinking about the evils of the world and how we must overcome all of the crap in the world so that we can more easily be at a place of peace within all of our lives and things like that.

Yes, when it comes down to it songs like Redemption Song are some of the best Bob Marley songs ever written and that is because there is so much cultural relevance within these songs that it makes everything just seem a lot more credible and realistic. I know that for the most part a lot of people might not consider the facts that go out there in the world, but of course the best Bob Marley songs are all about bringing people together for good causes and that is exactly what Redemption Song was all about.