Marley Songs

There are a ton of really great Bob Marley songs that we can talk about in terms of his career and how much meaning goes behind all of these songs and I think that for the most part it is important for us as the writers of all of this content to share our thoughts just like Bob Marley did through his lyrics and even spread our own messages of our interpretations of these incredible songs, and by doing so we might just get at something very special that we didn’t know before.

I think that this is pretty much the whole goal behind Bob Marley’s career, and for the most part when we consider the facts that his music really did change the world for the better throughout his lifetime we can see that he did have the true belief in himself and his band that they could change the world through their music because they could instill their messages into the minds of their fans and then ultimately change the world for the better good of the universe.

So without any further hesitation we are going to keep talking about the best Bob Marley songs in his career, and I am sure that you are really going to like what you have to see here on this page because it is just a lot of fun and something that all of us should consider more within the landscapes of our daily lives, and so the next song that we are going to be talking about in our list of best Bob Marley songs is Get Up, Stand Up.

The truth of the matter is that Get Up, Stand Up is a legitimate protest song written by Bob Marley and it is definitely one of the best Bob Marley songs because it is one of his best protest songs of his career. He like in many of his other best songs was very literal about what he wanted to say with his messages and that is to stand up for your rights, and I think that because this song was coming out during a huge time of racism towards African Americans and blacks in general all over the world this was such an inspirational song that was powerful, and I think that is exactly what he was going for in terms of this song’s message. Although most of the best Bob Marley songs are about love and happiness Get Up, Stand Up is more about protest and anger and that is different but it still makes it a very good song that should be remembered forever and how it really made a huge difference in the world.

The entire world was in a really tough time when this song came out to the public and Bob Marley made it very clear that black people had rights and that it was their responsibility to stand up for their rights and not back down anymore to the oppressive laws that were inhibiting their entire livelihoods, and I think that for the most part this best Bob Marley song was one that definitely had a huge cultural impact on the United States and the entire world.