Bob Marley

There is no doubt about it that Bob Marley is the type of musician who that completely changed the world when he started playing music, and he also became an international spokesperson for the country of Jamaica and he also definitely helped out with all of the problems that were happening in that country during the times. There is not doubts that Jamaica was a conflicted place in the world, and it definitely still is, but Bob Marley helped point out that Jamaica is paradise and that the entire world is great as long as you keep a positive mentality and keep knowing that your world is doing just fine as long as you know in your heart that the world is good to you. Doing kind to others and being a good neighbor are all of the types of messages that Bob Marley put out through his songs, and so what we are going to be doing with these articles is talk about the very best Bob Marley songs and talk about them in depth, and by doing so I think we will definitely be able to get out the messages of Bob Marley, and you’ll surely realize that he had a lot to say to the world and that he did a great job of spreading love everywhere, which is really great and let’s just get right into it.

The first song that I’d like to talk about that is definitely a really big hit by Bob Marley is the song Could You Be Loved. Of course this is the song that has a really great guitar rhythm to it and it makes you want to move your feet and dance a lot more than many of Bob Marley’s more laid back songs, but could You Be Loved is definitely the type of song that speaks volumes about the world of dating in general. All you have to do is ask yourself the question: could you be loved? And you may start looking at yourself and opening yourself up to the next big person in your life because you have to be the type of person who can receive love in order to get it, and I think that the best way to receive love is to spread love, and I think that is exactly what Bob Marley wants to tell people. If you want to be loved then you obviously have to know how to spread your love out to others, which is something that I think a lot of people don’t always do but should definitely do more of, so that is part of why I think Could You Be Loved is one of Bob Marley’s best songs.

This song speaks volumes to people at a deeper level than most songs, which is pretty typical of Bob Marley songs, but of course the message of getting out there and looking and asking yourself a question like could you be loved and have an introspective moment, while of course at the same time wanting to dance and jive and laugh and love is a great thing because he connects dancing with love, and he knows that those who dance are more loving and ready for love in general, so let’s face it, Bob Marley has a lot of great songs.