Crazy Good

There are so many great songs written and played by Bob Marley that it really is pretty crazy to put them all into a list of the best Bob Marley songs because they are all so good, but we promised that we would do this so that is exactly what we are going to be talking about through this article and this entire list of blogs. Of course we are not trying to rank any of these songs at all, but what we are truly doing is just revealing the best Bob Marley songs and talking about the messages behind them and I know that everyone has been touched the best Bob Marley songs of all time and they have had a significant impact on all of our lives. This is exactly why Bob Marley was so influential as a musician because he had the ability and he truly believed that he could change the world through his music, and he did a wonderful job at spreading positivity and great messages through his song, and the next song that we are going to talk about is Three Little Birds.

I think that for the most part everyone loves this song because it really is a great message behind it, and although it kind of just starts out about a story of Bob Marley waking up one morning to the sounds of a few birds it goes into this message of don’t worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright. It is hard to really talk about such a powerful message, but of course this is kind of just how Bob Marley was throughout his entire career, and he would make you feel better when you were feeling down on yourself or just not in the right mood. He literally could make people feel better about themselves, and this is something that a lot of musicians were never really capable of doing quite to the extent that Bob Marley was a capable of doing. This is when he went commercial, it is definitely true that Three Little Birds is one of the best Bob Marley songs of all time and through his career and that is because if you really start to think about it there are so many great messages in this song, but of course the main message is to just not worry about a little thing and that everything is going to be alright. It’s crazy to think how a message so simple is the perfect thing that so many people need to hear on a daily basis or just every now and again, but by just reassuring people that everything is going to be alright just proves that Bob Marley was capable of touching people on a personal level and bringing more positivity to the earth and that is why Three Little Birds is one of the best Bob Marley songs.

All it ever takes is just remembering to yourself that everything that might be going on in your life might be tough but you are going to get through it and that everything is going be just fine, and that is exactly what this song is all about and it definitely changed the world in really incredible ways.